Our Attıtude On This Issue

We work with schools, companies, community organizations, healthcare professionals, and families to transform the conditions and systems that lead to healthier kids.

Each child’s environment is our focus. The places children spend their time are the places that determine their behaviors. We believe that if we can empower the people who influence these environments by giving them easy access to science-based resources and best practices, we can create a movement that transforms the places kids spend their time into healthy environments that encourage the healthiest lifestyles.

Change comes when individuals, groups, and systems work together.

In Education İnstitutions

We think school, the place where kids spend the majority of their time outside the home, is a good place to start. Our Healthy Schools Program is currently building healthier school environments for more than 18 million students in more than 31,000 schools in every city . And it’s not just the number of schools in our program but the quality of efforts being made in those schools that make the difference. We make sure each of our schools have the best chance of succeeding by bringing together parents, teachers, schools administrators, and students to each play a specific part to create change on their campus.

 In Out-of-School Time Settings

We work with out-of-school time providers around the country to create healthy environments where youth can eat better and move more. Our Healthy Out-of-School Time Framework combines Alliance best practices with healthy eating and physical activity standards to create a guide for communities nationwide to transform the areas where kids spend their time before school, after school, and during school breaks.

In Child Justice Environments

To create healthier environments within the juvenile justice system, we launched a pilot initiative in Ankara and İstanbul to improve nutrition, streamline healthy food procurement and increase quality physical activity opportunities for young people living in residential facilities. We have been successful in transforming schools and out-of-school time environments into healthier places for kids to learn and grow and are using the best practices instituted in those environments to make a similar impact in the justice setting.

In Business

We believe engaging with companies from diverse industries can systemically improve access to healthier foods and beverages as well as physical activity for kids and their families. As a result of this effort, we have facilitated voluntary agreements with the beverage, snack food, dairy and healthcare industries. Our beverage agreement has resulted in a 90% reduction in calories shipped to schools across the country.

While we don’t accept funds from the industries in which we are negotiating agreements, we welcome everyone to the table. We all have a role to play and our team helps companies determine where their assets can be most beneficial.

At the Doctor

We give doctors, insurers, and employers a strong incentive to stop weight gain before it causes serious health problems because we believe we can enlist some of our nation’s leading forces in health to create a system of prevention rather than treatment. We are currently creating a solution with these healthcare providers in a landmark agreement to reimburse physicians and registered dietitians for obesity treatment prevention-related services.



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